A Value Proposition

Defining your value proposition is critical when trying to break through the crowded space of being a fitness business owner.

If you don’t have a good enough value proposition then no amount of marketing efforts or hustle can help you. For example, if your gym has decent customer service, pricing is average, results are sub-par, delivery is so-so, then what is setting you apart?

A Value Proposition is a statement that explains what benefit you provide, for who, and how you are unique in providing this. read more

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

If you never measure/track your members progress then how will you know if they’re improving?

You probably wouldn’t and they could ultimately be throwing their money out of the window.

Sure you’ll see them sweating, they’ll tell you their sore, etc. but is that a true marker of progress?

You need key performance indicators with your members just like you need them with your digital marketing.

Here are 5 important starter metrics for your website:

1. Total Visitors (New vs. Returning) – This is a big picture number to view, track, and analyze month over month. Is it steadily improving or declining. read more

How To Get To The “TOP” of Google

Stop paying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies to improve your online reputation.

If you insist on doing so then at least make steps towards improving the foundation yourself first.

They’ll promise you that you’ll be at the top of Google, but look at what is really on the “top of Google.”

Notice the ads at the top, then you’ll notice the local business section.

The “top of Google” is almost on the second page now!

Now think about the last time you googled a local business….. read more

Here’s Why You Should Respect Your Team

One year I took a vacation to Negril, Jamaica. Anybody that has been would agree that the island is home to a very vibrant, warm and welcoming people.

On the first evening we were bummed to be in the middle of a downpour and decided to grab a seat at the bar to relax. Especially after a long flight. It’s here that we were greeted by Delroy – who turned out to be a true legend in these parts (Note: you officially become a legend when your name comes up in the majority of your hotel’s Trip Advisor reviews by guests checking to make sure you are still there before booking their trip.) read more


Love is a key to leadership and engagement. According to leadership expert Daniel Goleman, “Success depends on what an organization’s people care about, what they do, and how they work together.”

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I’ve created this FREE training series for you on how to better manage your millennial staff.


So if it is assumed that it is difficult to achieve success without the above being attained, it can be agreed that the only way to get your team to care and work together is through loving the goal and the people who will obtain it. read more

Conceptualizing Video Marketing Ideas

Think of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that your fitness or wellness business gets. The ones’ specific to your business or industry. Your source for great daily video marketing content lies right in the answers to those questions.

We know at this point that posting content constantly is how to stay relevant to your consumers, both current and potential. Every business owner should know their customer’s FAQ’s.  They hear them every single day.

Concerned that you may not be the best person to conceptualize a purpose for the right video marketing idea? With each important question your consumer asks, you have a golden nugget of an idea for great video strategies. read more

How a Leader Moves On

Moving on As a Leader

Even for a leader, the day will come when its time to go. It may come too soon or too late and because of a wide variety of reasons. Your growth may have stopped. You may feel unvalued. You may need a change. Regardless of the reason, when that day comes it is usually a difficult change for a leader. Leaders put everything they have into a position. Therefore, when you leave you are leaving people you love, systems you built, and the team you crafted. It is a time that a leader needs to be at their best for the good of their people and themselves. read more

WordPress, The Best Invention Since The Bench Press

In the past there were web developers and they charged a large sum of money to create simple websites. But then WordPress was born, arguably the most powerful open source tool to ever be birthed on the internet. An open source frame work is a collaboration of many programmers on the internet, working together on a project to be made available for free to the public. Rather than bore you with all the geeky talk let’s just say that it’s the most powerful invention since the bench press.

A website is an invaluable tool for small business owners. In the past managing and updating your website was a stressful, costly, and lengthy process. But now, it’s possible to have everything at your fingertips with arguably the most powerful content management system. read more

Gym Owner Marketing 101: 6 Ways to Improve Local SEO

Local SEO, what’s the deal with it? Lately it seems like everyone has been drinking the “Instant SEO Kool-Aid.” Sorry to have to deliver bad news, but there are no such things as instant SEO tricks to get you to page one. There are no instant Local SEO pills either. As gym owners, you deal with customers who strive to live a healthy life style, and it’s likely that at some point or another you’ve dealt with someone like this. You know the type, the guy or gal that wants the magic pill. You’ve probably been asked for exercise that can get people the fantastic abs they see on television. Surely, you’ve had to explain to people that in order to achieve the physique that they see on television it requires an overall body fat percent reduction and continues hard work. That’s exactly what Local SEO is like. SEO is not an overnight weight loss pill, it’s a long forever evolving process. Every time you post a new piece of content you will need to use proper keywords, name your images, use acceptable headers, and many other tricks. read more