Features vs. Benefits

Nobody cares about the shiny new piece of equipment that you have, yet gyms have been using this as a selling point for years!

  • “Over here we have our rowers.”
  • “Check out the 10 prowlers that we have.”
  • “All of our equipment is state-of-the-art.”
  • “We have high energy, metabolic classes.”

If someone is new to working out and walking into your facility then this is all most likely gibberish to them.

Focus on the benefit and the end result of what your service can do for these prospects.

To switch from more FEATURE focused with your marketing/sales to BENEFIT focused do this:

Make a list of your big features i.e. “state of the art equipment,” or “metabolic classes.” read more

Marketing Strategies Every Gym Owner Should Use

This week is all about the marketing, if you’re not marketing then you probably aren’t doing well. People need to know that your business exists and to do that you need to spend money. Today we collected some useful articles from around the web to share with you. These resources will set you on your path to mastering and developing an effective marketing strategy.

Entrepreneur’s Best Ways to Spend $1,000 Marketing Your Business

This week entrepreneur brings us the best way to spend a limited $1,000 budget. In the age of bootstrapping it’s important to effectively spend every penny. Chances are you have limited resources and you would like to have better results. $1,000 is a reasonable sum of money to come up with on your own and to put towards your marketing. Spend your money wisely and give people a reason to join your gym. read more

Email Open Rates

8 Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Email Open Rates

Are Your Email Open Rates Sub-Par?

If you own a gym, or a small business you should already be using email to communicate with your members, leads, and prospects. At the very least, you should have an autoresponder when someone signs up for more information on your site. The fact is, email is dollar for dollar one of the most affordable ways to market your services. In a report by the Radicati Group, they discuss email for business – here’s a quick fact:

[testimonials style=”8″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][testimonial name=”Sara%20Radicati%2C%20PhD” company=”The%20Radicati%20Group” href=”http%3A%2F%2Fwww.radicati.com%2Fwp%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2014%2F01%2FEmail-Statistics-Report-2014-2018-Executive-Summary.pdf”] read more

Build a SICK Landing Page Without Code

What is a Landing Page?

When you run ads to your site, your main goal is to get leads, subscribers, or sales. To do this, you need to design a landing page. A landing page is simply a page on your site where the people who click on your ads will land. Not too complicated, right? The hard part is getting people to convert into your goals(leads, subscribers, sales, etc). In order to convert viewers into leads you need to clearly demonstrate value, create a sense of urgency, and simplify the conversion process as much as possible. read more

Are You an SEO Victim of Duplicate Content?

Is Duplicate Content Hurting my Gym’s SEO?

What is Duplicate Content?

There are two types of duplicate content as far as we are concerned. One type, we all know as plagiarism(copying an article word-for-word from another source), and the other is duplicate content that you think will help you on search engines because of keyword densities. SEO “experts” often are confused by what is acceptable and what is not, what will get your site penalized, and what won’t – so on and so forth. Well here’s our take on it, and how to give your readers something worth reading! read more

Gym Owner Marketing 101: Email & Digital Content

Gym Owner Marketing 101: Creating Powerful Emails and Digital Content

As a gym owner, your digital presence is just as valuable as your facility itself. Between training, staff management, and the tons of other things you have to worry about every single day, you can’t ignore your digital “storefront.”  In this part of the course, we’ll examine the digital content strategies proven to capture and convert leads, engage your current members, and re-engage your past members.

Retain, Sell, and Engage with Killer Emails

If you’ve heard that email is dead, we’ve got bad news for you. Email is growing, and FAST. The reason? It’s personal, and when executed properly offers one of the highest ROI in digital marketing. The keyword here is execution. Anyone can send an email – the challenge is in creating powerful emails that connect you with your contacts, build trust, and earn you more profit. Not sure if you’re doing it right? Here are some of the questions we ask new clients: read more