When To Say No

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It’s so hard sometimes to say “no” to money or opportunity but 9/10 it is the best thing you can do for your business.

Map out exactly who your ideal client is first, then learn to say “no” to anyone who is not ideal, then watch everything fall in place after that.

If you’re on a mission to serve your community at the highest level possible, you’ll never be able to do this with members who are headaches.

Bad members can negatively affect your staff, culture, and systems.

I’ve been involved with gyms who have 400 members at a low price point and gyms who have 100 members at a high price point with the same profit margin.

Every aspect of their business was influenced by this direction they decided to go in.

GOOD marketing is getting the right people in the door and pre-qualifying the rest but if you haven’t defined what the end-game looks like then you’re just trying to pump gas into a leaky engine.

I always use the weekend to map out what my ideal business looks like. I see where we’ve been month-over-month, upcoming goals, and most importantly if everything still aligns with our vision.

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- Captain - John Thomas has dedicated his entire career to the sports and fitness market. With experience in many different subfields, he brings a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to our team. John has spent years in the private sector of both the sports performance and health club industry. He has worked with athletes at every level, numerous collegiate teams, and managed some of the top revenue generating PT departments in the NYC area. Over the years he has gained experience in app development, writing for major fitness publications, and creating online platforms. He regularly consults for gyms and fitness businesses on lead generation/marketing. John's work has been featured in Men's Fitness, Shape Magazine, and Men's Health.

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