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People that you sell or market your services to are going to fall into one of three different buckets.

1. Hot. They recognize that they have a problem and they are READY for a solution. They are also aware of the different options they have to get this solution. People in this bucket are ready to buy your service, they just need to be convinced that you are the brand to take them to the promise land.

2. Warm. They recognize that they have a problem but they may not know: that you can solve this, the choices that they have, or if now is the right time for their solution. Focus on overcoming objections and building a relationship with people in this bucket.

3. Cold. Most of the time these people do not even know they have a problem. It is not in your best interest to focus on these people. Have systems in place to reach them through your marketing and automate what you can here.

GOOD marketing should pre-qualify prospects. GOOD content marketing will bring prospects from one bucket to another.

JohnThomas About JohnThomas
- Captain - John Thomas has dedicated his entire career to the sports and fitness market. With experience in many different subfields, he brings a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to our team. John has spent years in the private sector of both the sports performance and health club industry. He has worked with athletes at every level, numerous collegiate teams, and managed some of the top revenue generating PT departments in the NYC area. Over the years he has gained experience in app development, writing for major fitness publications, and creating online platforms. He regularly consults for gyms and fitness businesses on lead generation/marketing. John's work has been featured in Men's Fitness, Shape Magazine, and Men's Health.

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