Features vs. Benefits

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Nobody cares about the shiny new piece of equipment that you have, yet gyms have been using this as a selling point for years!

  • “Over here we have our rowers.”
  • “Check out the 10 prowlers that we have.”
  • “All of our equipment is state-of-the-art.”
  • “We have high energy, metabolic classes.”

If someone is new to working out and walking into your facility then this is all most likely gibberish to them.

Focus on the benefit and the end result of what your service can do for these prospects.

To switch from more FEATURE focused with your marketing/sales to BENEFIT focused do this:

Make a list of your big features i.e. “state of the art equipment,” or “metabolic classes.”

In another column make a list of all the main benefits that these features have for the member.

In the last column make a list of how these benefits will improve the persons life.

Once you do this you’ll have much more persuasive advertising copy or a sales pitch that prospects ACTUALLY care about.

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