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If you met the girl/guy of your dreams at a bar, would you go up to them and ask them to marry you right then and there?


You would hopefully strike up a conversation, there would hopefully be a connection, then you would hopefully advance to the next step which would be to ask for their number.

If there is a connection you’ll get their number, if not, hopefully you won’t be creepy and continue to try.

Once you have their number you’ll then text/call and build up more of a relationship until your first date. During your first date if their is a connection maybe you’ll get the opportunity to go on another date.

If everything goes well their will be some milestones: making it Facebook official, first vacation, moving in together (unless more traditional), engagement, marriage, etc.

At any point during this relationship, if you rush into things, you might ruin it. It may hinder the advancement from one step to the next or it may completely turn the other person off.

Even if you really want to move to the next step, you may wait because you realize that it’s too soon.

Sure, there are people that get married after only a couple of months. You may elope. Maybe you skip a step by accident and you make it work.

The point is, there’s no need to be super fancy when creating your marketing funnels. Add a couple of steps or “relationship builders” before asking for their hand at membership marriage.

If they’re seeing your brand walk into the bar for the first time, build up rapport by showing them your personality through a content piece, then ask them for their contact info. Once you have their contact info, have them commit to a date at the lead magnet cafe.

After a couple of great autoresponders delivering every day for 7 days, then you can ask them to come into your gym and meet your gym family for the first time.

Always remember that there are a lot of fish in the sea. Don’t settle for the first one because they may not be the best for you and don’t rush into anything because neither of you might be ready.

Those are marketing funnels.

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