A Value Proposition

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Defining your value proposition is critical when trying to break through the crowded space of being a fitness business owner.

If you don’t have a good enough value proposition then no amount of marketing efforts or hustle can help you. For example, if your gym has decent customer service, pricing is average, results are sub-par, delivery is so-so, then what is setting you apart?

A Value Proposition is a statement that explains what benefit you provide, for who, and how you are unique in providing this.

It will help define your target customer, the problems you’re looking to solve, and how you differentiate from the competition.

Take time to answer these questions:

1. What problem are you trying to solve?
2. What makes you valuable?
3. Can you prove this? Sure you claim to be a “results driven gym,” but do you have anything to show this?
4. Does your marketing show your value proposition? People can’t read your mind, they need a story to show them how you are unique and different.
5. How do your services differentiate from the competition?

After you answer these, try writing out a statement that explains your value proposition. Then use this a guide to tell your story through marketing.

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