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How To Start Building A List in 10 Minutes

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It’s great that you want to start building a list. Collecting inquiries and leads online is a great way to engage potential customers, and provide them with information about your products & services. Here’s how to start building a list…the EASY way.

The WordPress Method

Contact Form 7

  1. Install Contact Form 7 ( Installation Guide )
  2. To save your contacts into your database, you’ll need the Flamingo plugin. Use this plugin if you don’t have an email service provider, or if you want to manage the inquiries you collect on your own.
  3. Alternatively, you can hook up your form to sync directly with your email service provider using various third party plugins, like Contact Form 7 Newsletter for Constant Contact, Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension for Mailcimp, etc. You can search for additional plugins on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The Optimize Press Method


  1.  Add an Opt-In Box element to your page.
  2. Use Email Data as the integration type to receive an email when someone signs up. If you’ve integrated your email service provider with Optimize Press, then select it as the integration type to send any sign-ups to your list.

The “Everyone Else” Method

If you’re not using WordPress, or Optimize Press, then you’re probably looking at some minor code changes. The easiest way is to setup a form on Wufoo or Formstack, and then insert it onto your site. If you’re a coder, then more power to you to design and implement your own custom code.


Building a list not only helps your audience engage with your company, but it also helps you show off your product, and customer service. The better you treat your leads, the higher the conversion rate will be. Remember, sign-ups are interested in your products and/or services…show them why you’re the right choice!

*Gym Autopilot Tip*

Setup an autoresponder email to go out instantly when someone signs up. The longer you wait to contact a lead, the less interested they’ll become.


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