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Marketing Your Gym at 999 miles/second

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Consumer’s lives are moving at 1,000 miles/second and if your gym is only marketing at 999 miles/second, you’re moving too slowly.

But how do you keep up with all the moving parts?

The answer is in a shift.

A shift in how you market to your current gym customers.

You may be thinking that you’ve achieved your goal of converting them from prospect to lead to customer.

But I’ll argue against that.

If your funnel is focused solely on transactions vs. maximizing your customer lifetime value (CLV) then you’re doing your business a disservice and wasting a ton of money on marketing.

Customer Lifetime ValueThis is the dollar value you put on each customer who signs up according to how long they are going to stay your customer.

Most gyms are marketing as if the customer’s decision making process is:

Consider >> Evaluate >> Purchase

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Your goal has been to focus on building brand awareness simply to get people into that first part of the funnel, “consider,” but times and consumers touch points have changed.

This adds a new part to the customer decision journey in the funnel.

It’s called “advocate.”

The most powerful influence to buy product X comes from a friend or peer talking about product X.

Have you ever made a decision to buy a product or watch a movie simply from a friend’s recommendation?

You didn’t even have to watch a trailer or read a review because you just trusted their opinion so much.

That friend’s recommendation actually caused you to skip the first two steps (consider and evaluate) of the funnel and made you a customer.

Consumers are interacting with brands in so many different ways now.

We can now be in touch with all of our fans with a simple tweet, text, or email.

During your marketing meetings start thinking “customer relationship strategy,” and “brand advocacy strategy” instead of just focusing on how to get new leads into the funnel.

Stop worrying so much about “branding” that will improve the beginning stages of the funnel and focus your attention on customer equity.

Increase customer equity and you’ll see satisfaction, retention, and sales improve tremendously.

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