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Hosting Your LeadPage on WordPress or Your Own Server

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Now that Facebook is no longer allowing you to directly link to your LeadPage it is important to know how to work around this. Luckily there are two quick and easy alternatives. The first thing you can do, if you are running wordpress, is to install the LeadPages plugin and publish the pages in wordpress. The other alternative is to download the LeadPage HTML file and upload them to your server.


First you need to visit the LeadPages Tab:


Look below and you should see a list of your pages. Select the EDIT drop down and Share Page Configuration


Select the WordPress tab and download the plugin by clicking on the big green button.

LeadPages Publish Options

Once the plugin is downloaded go into your WordPress back end, wherever you want to host this plugin. Once you are in the wp-admin section, hover over Plugins and select Add New.

WordPress Plugin

Depending on your WordPress version your upload section may look a little different. You should see a button up at the top that reads Upload Plugin or a tab that reads Upload. Once you find your way around you will be able to select the plugin we downloaded before, it should look something like this:

WordPress Choose File

Find the plugin, install it, activate it, and you are on your way. Also remember that you will need to enable permalinks. You can also checkout this post explaining why you should never use the default settings.

When you finish your installation and permalinks are enabled, you will see a menu tab: LeadPages.

WordPress LeadPages Tab

You will now be able to add your LeadPages to WordPress. Simply select Add New and you will be taken to a form to configure your LeadPage.

WordPress Configure LeadPages

Select your LeadPage type, and the name of the page you want to display. Then build your custom url and publish your page.

Setting up the LeadPages WordPress Plugin took a few steps but as you can see it is worth it. Now you can setup your LeadPages inside of WordPress with the LeadPages WordPress Plugin.

Uploading LeadPages to Your Server

The second way around hosting Facebook ads to your LeadPages is to upload directly to your server. This second way of doing things is relatively simple. The only thing you will need is FTP access and a program like FileZilla.

The first thing you will need to do is download the page. Go back to the LeadPage Tab in your LeadPages account and select the EDIT drop down and Share Page Configuration for the page that you want hosted on your server.

Then, select the tab Your own server and click to DOWNLOAD HTML

LeadPages Your Own Server

Finally, connect to your server using an FTP client like FileZilla and drop the file you just downloaded in a directory of your liking.

LeadPages FTP

(Note: I changed the file name from .html to .php for no real reason other than preference)

Even without Facebook having made this change it’s a great idea to host your pages on your own server to keep traffic flowing your way.

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