GOOD Content Marketing

People that you sell or market your services to are going to fall into one of three different buckets.

1. Hot. They recognize that they have a problem and they are READY for a solution. They are also aware of the different options they have to get this solution. People in this bucket are ready to buy your service, they just need to be convinced that you are the brand to take them to the promise land.

2. Warm. They recognize that they have a problem but they may not know: that you can solve this, the choices that they have, or if now is the right time for their solution. Focus on overcoming objections and building a relationship with people in this bucket. read more

When To Say No

It’s so hard sometimes to say “no” to money or opportunity but 9/10 it is the best thing you can do for your business.

Map out exactly who your ideal client is first, then learn to say “no” to anyone who is not ideal, then watch everything fall in place after that.

If you’re on a mission to serve your community at the highest level possible, you’ll never be able to do this with members who are headaches.

Bad members can negatively affect your staff, culture, and systems.

I’ve been involved with gyms who have 400 members at a low price point and gyms who have 100 members at a high price point with the same profit margin. read more

Use Repetition to Write Persuasive Copy

Almost 95% of the buying decision is done subconsciously.

Since most people will simply scan your advertising efforts you NEED to use repetition to persuade your audience to take the next step.

There is a phenomenon called the illusion-of-truth-effect that was first discovered in a Villanova Univeristy study in 1977, which proved participants tendency to believe information to be correct after repeated exposure.

This is why it’s so important to have a clear message and an exact audience that you’re attempting to target. read more

Features vs. Benefits

Nobody cares about the shiny new piece of equipment that you have, yet gyms have been using this as a selling point for years!

  • “Over here we have our rowers.”
  • “Check out the 10 prowlers that we have.”
  • “All of our equipment is state-of-the-art.”
  • “We have high energy, metabolic classes.”

If someone is new to working out and walking into your facility then this is all most likely gibberish to them.

Focus on the benefit and the end result of what your service can do for these prospects.

To switch from more FEATURE focused with your marketing/sales to BENEFIT focused do this:

Make a list of your big features i.e. “state of the art equipment,” or “metabolic classes.” read more

Create a Lead Magnet in Under an Hour

You can use lead magnets to generate new leads for your business or to simply grow your email subscriber list.

People tend to overthink lead magnets and my biggest problem with this is that your intended audience might not even want what you have to offer.

So why spend all of this time to create the lead magnet, graphics, autoresponders, landing pages, advertisements, etc. if your market does not even want this?

What is the fastest way to deliver the best, most easily digestible piece of content, that you can give to you audience? read more

7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Lead Magnets

1. Lead magnet offer is not congruent with your advertisement.

2. Delivering the lead magnet to the wrong audience.

3. Delivering the lead magnet to the right audience but at the wrong stage of the funnel.

4. Not putting a clear call-to-action for the next step that you want the prospect to take.

5. The lead magnet is not congruent with your call-to-action. Do not give away a checklist on how to get firmer thighs if you want to fill up your sports performance classes.

6. No follow-up after. Whether it be an autoresponder, a check-in email, retargeting ads, etc. they need to be followed up with. read more

5 Questions You Should ASK Yourself About Your Target Market

“It is not about me, it’s about you.”

Every single morning I want you to repeat this 3x’s before walking into your gym.

Too many people fall in love with their own ideas and fail to act on what their target customer truly wants.

This will dictate the content that you put out, the audience that you target with your advertising, and the platform that you use.

Here are some questions that you should know about your target market INSTANTLY upon reading this.

If you don’t know the answer, then you need to learn more about your customers. read more

A Positioning Story

Your brand needs a positioning story.

Marketing is not just catchy headlines or a cool looking logo.

Good marketing is story telling.

From your logo, to the colors on your website, the tagline that you use, the blog posts that you write, to the way you make a sale.

Answer the who, the what, the why, the where, and the when to help you crystallize this.

Who are your brands main characters?

What is your mission?

Why does your business do what it does?

Where do you see your business in the future?

When did your story start, what is the history of it? read more

Marketing Funnels

If you met the girl/guy of your dreams at a bar, would you go up to them and ask them to marry you right then and there?


You would hopefully strike up a conversation, there would hopefully be a connection, then you would hopefully advance to the next step which would be to ask for their number.

If there is a connection you’ll get their number, if not, hopefully you won’t be creepy and continue to try.

Once you have their number you’ll then text/call and build up more of a relationship until your first date. During your first date if their is a connection maybe you’ll get the opportunity to go on another date. read more

10 Sites That Can Improve Your Gym’s Local Listing Reputation

According to a Zendesk survey, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews.

Here are 10 sites to make sure you’re signed up with to improve your Gym’s local listing reputation:

1. Google Business:

2. Yelp:

3. City Search:

4. Mapquest:…/mapquest-claims/preview.html

5. YellowPages:… read more